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Cultar, Cànan, Còmhla



Cultar, Cànan, Còmhla



Cultar, Cànan, Còmhla



What we seek

Tha sinne ag iarraidh àite dha na Gàidheil ann an Inbhir Nis!
We aspire for a Gaelic Cultural centre in Inverness!

Àite freagarrach airson ar Cànan is ar Cultar a thoirt Còmhla

Picture of folk walking over a bridge
Picture of a man singing
Picture of a child playing an accordian
Picture of a performer
Picture of a storyteller
Picture of two ladies talking
Picture of a guitarist playing
Picture of a child playing a Bodhran
Picture of a singer

Dè th’ ann an Cultarlann? Cultarlann… what is it?

Our Vision

Cultarlann Inbhir Nis is our vision for a gathering place for everyone with a passion for or an interest in the Gaelic language and culture to come together for entertainment, chat, learning and friendship to celebrate and strengthen Gaelic, its culture and traditions in a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere.

Cultar Canan Còmhla,Singing Workshop
Picture of campaign group

Who are we?

Cultarlann Inbhir Nis, a limited company with charitable status, established in 2020 with the aim of creating a Gaelic Cultural Centre in Inverness. A Feasibility Study commissioned by Alba Heritage Trust and conducted by the Impact Hub in 2018, concluded that there was overwhelming support for such a Centre. Here, locals, Gaelic speakers, learners, visitors and all those with an interest in the language and culture, could meet socially, use the language in a wide variety of activities, enjoy authentic Highland cultural events, attend language classes, strengthen connections and build a collective Gaelic community.

Board of Directors include Alasdair Forbes, Gwen Bowie, Alan MacBeth, Emily MacDonald, David Boag, Murdo Campbell, Mike Danson and Margaret Mulholland. Bòrd na Gàidhlig funds a Project Officer, Ms Susanne MacDonald, and a Social Media Administrator.

News March 2024

The Board of Cultarlann Inbhir Nis are delighted to share the news that now have the keys to Cultarlann Inbhir Nis on Academy Street Inverness. We feel privileged to become the owners of this B-listed historic building. We are looking forward to getting started on the refurbishment in coming weeks and months when we have the funding in place. We are always looking for volunteers to help with a range of different activities so please do get in touch if you might be interested. 

The campaign to date has been backed by a range of funders namely Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Bòrd na Gàidhlig, Inverness Common Good Fund, the Architectural Heritage Fund and Enterprise Scotland.   Their support clearly demonstrates the valuable social and economic contribution that Gaelic language and culture can make  to Inverness and the Highlands.

In addition, we are extremely grateful to the 600 people who showed their support and belief in the project by contributing so generously to the two Crowdfunders. A huge thank you to each and every one of you.

east church image
Cultarlann, keys to church.


Our Crowdfunding campaign remains open and we greatly appreciate any donation that helps us with our first-year running costs.
If you would like to help towards the running of Cultarlann Inbhir Nis please consider donating to our Crowdfunding campaign by clicking the button below.

A Cultarlann example

Please read about a successful Cultarlann in Ireland …

Picture of Cultarlann, Ireland

Let’s keep in touch.

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Ma tha ùidh agad a bhith nad bhall brùth air an fhoirm gu h-ìosal airson tuilleadh fiosrachaidh. 

Àite far an cluinn sinn Cànan na Gàidheil!

Let us build up a new Highlands
With brain, sweat of cheek and by hand
Highlands of which we can be proud
An exalted noble place for language and music
With life-giving food for spirit and body
Always available on your table

Suas togamaid Gàidhealtachd nuadh
Le eanchainn, braon-gruaidh agus dòirn,
Gàidhealtachd às ‘n dèanar uaill,
Àit’ àrd, uasal aig cànan is ceòl
S biadh beathail aig spiorad is brù
Ri fhaotainn a ghnàth air do bhòrd.


Cuir fios thugainn



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